Trial with OULRC and represent Oxford

FAQ for Rowers

How much rowing experience do I need? At least a year’s rowing experience is recommended to be at the minimum standard upon arrival.

Where and when is training? We row from the Fleming boathouse in Wallingford with the other university squads, and use the Iffley Road rowing gym for land training. We train 10-12 sessions a week including on weekends. We try to arrange the water sessions around everyone’s work (a mixture of mornings and afternoons) and the gym sessions are scheduled for most weekday evenings.

Where is training camp? Recent locations for training camp have been France, Sicily and Holland.

What events do Nephthys do? In recent years Nephthys have competed in Henley Head, Bristol Head, Hammersmith Head, Eights' Head of the River and the Heineken Roiverkamp in Amsterdam.

What do I need to weigh? You will need to weigh less than 72.5kg on race days to compete as a lightweight while at full strength. The club and coaches have experience in weight management and will provide expert advice to help you with this; you should be no heavier than about 80kg at the start of trialling in September (anything under is a bonus).

What sort of erg scores do you look for? We expect that all athletes should be under 6:50 minutes for 2k at the start of the season in September. Obviously our selection is not all about ergs and the scores of squad members will significantly drop with the volume of training.

FAQ for Coxes

What do I need to weigh? You will need to be around 55kg for competitions.

Do I have to come to all the gym sessions? Coxes should be prepared to come to all land training with the rowers and your input there can be just as useful as on the water.

What sort of standard should I be at? You should consider yourself capable of coxing at least your college first VIII.

Trial for OULRC

Trialling for the 2017 lightweight Boat Race begins on Monday September 12th. This will be followed by a water session in Wallingford. OULRC look forward to seeing all oarsmen and coxes wishing to trial for the 2017 Lightweight Boat Race

The club was founded in 1975 with the aim of beating Cambridge at the Lightweight Boat Race on the Henley Reach. This remains the highlight of the season for the OULRC Blue Boat, and further to this both the Blue Boat and Nephthys represent the club at a variety of head races and regattas throughout the year.

Examples of members of the 2015 squad:

Edward Rees (Engineering Science), 7 in the Blue Boat, aged 18. Rowed at Radley College prior to trialling as a fresher.

Sammi Checkroud (Psychology), 2 in Nephthys, aged 20. Learnt to row at Agecroft boat club and New college

Jack Shuttleworth (Materials Science), Bow in the Blue Boat aged 20. Began rowing for Mansfield and trialled after 2 years of college rowing.

Tom Clode (PPE) Cox of the Blue Boat aged 19. Coxed for Christ Church for 1 year prior to trialling.

Trial for OULRC

If you would like to do something truly challenging with your time at Oxford, rowing for OULRC is a fantastic opportunity for the determined and competitive individual. You will work in close proximity with around 20 other athletes and will drive each other on through the season to achieve the increasing standards that you set yourself. It is unlikely that you will have trained at this level before and the fatiguing effects of early morning and late evening sessions will give way to enjoyment and fulfillment as the season progresses. Anyone who understands competitive rowing will know about the sort of rewards it can bring.

It is an unforgettable experience that will define your time at Oxford and I fully recommend for anyone considering trialling to get in touch with some information about your rowing history/test scores etc. and any questions. I would also encourage you to speak to members of your colleges who have trialled and get their view on what it is like. Whatever your rowing background, anyone from the club will be happy to help you out.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Rowan Arthur

President, OULRC